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Yellow Water Cruises

Yellow Water Cruise

As the sun paints the water's surface with a warm golden glow, the billabong exhibits its basking crocodiles, vibrant birdlife, and the tranquil rhythm of nature. Guided by knowledgeable locals, the tour unfolds the intricate relationship between local Bininj (Indigenous) people, their culture and the significance of these waterways to their existence for thousands of years. The Yellow Water Cruise is an exploration of Australia's true beauty, and one you'll remember for a lifetime.

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Yellow Water Fishing

Yellow Water Fishing

For those who relish the thrill of fishing, Yellow Water Fishing offers an unparalleled experience. With the chance to catch the famous barramundi, these three-hour fishing adventures are perfect for beginners and families alike. Guided by experienced fishing experts, you're sure to enjoy a memorable time on these bountiful waters. 

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Kakadu Tourism Adventure Tours

Kakadu Adventure Tours

Customised 5 hour Ground Tour. Sit back and relax as our certified guides take you across the lowlands of Kakadu into stone country. Learn about indigenous culture and the rich history of each site on this must-do tour. Itineraries can include Kubara Rock Pools, Nourlangie, Motorcar Falls, Boulder Creek, Ikoymarrwa Rock Holes or Maguk Gorge.

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Yellow Water Fishing

Private Yellow Water Fishing

Introducing our private boat tours! Departing 11am daily, this 2.5hr tour allows you to soak in the peaceful Yellow Water Billabong in exclusivity, with the option to add fishing rods for an even better adventure! Max 8 people per boat, with up to 4 people fishing at any point in time.


Culture of Kakadu 

Embark on a profound cultural journey into Indigenous Australian life with our Traditionally Owned Communities. Discover the rich history, culture, and bush tucker, and try your hand at traditional art and weaving. The experience concludes at Nawurlandja Lookout, offering stunning sunset views over Kakadu and Burrungkuy (Nourlangie), inviting you to connect deeply with this ancient land's spirit.

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