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Motor Car Falls

Cool off and soak up the sun amidst the picture-perfect Motor Car Falls

Motor Car Falls is a part of the Yurmikmik walks in the southern end of Kakadu National Park. It is a moderately challenging trail, stretching around 8.5km and typically completed in an average of 2 hours. This insta-worthy destination is perfect for active individuals who wish to enjoy a lush, freshwater swim. For the ultimate experience, we recommend you visit Motor Car Falls during the wet season, when the waterfall is flourishing, usually between November and April.

The nearest services including food, water, fuel and wifi are available at Cooinda Lodge and Pine Creek. Both locations are over an hours' drive from the Yurmikmik trails carpark, so please ensure you are prepared before your adventure! Remember to pack: sunscreen, hat, walking shoes, insect repellent and plenty of food and water!

Bird lovers - keep an eye out for a bower bird nest around 1.5km into the trail!