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Built on an elevated platform to ensure year-round usability and minimal environmental impact

Cooinda's Outback Retreat safari tents offer an enchanting escape into the Australian wilderness, perfect for a couple getaway or a family adventure! Their harmonious blend of comfort and nature make these canvas sanctuaries redefine the notion of camping; each interior meticulously designed to reflect the unique landscape of Kakadu with an array of locally designed elements. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the Outback while relishing the high-quality bedding, complete with sumptuous mattresses, toppers, and linen. 

Retreat Features 

The canvas tents boast a single sturdy wall with a welcoming glass front door and comfortable seating on the outdoor deck to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Meanwhile, the interior of the glamping tents feature high-quality mattresses, toppers, and linen for your utmost comfort, along with thoughtfully crafted custom furniture to echo the beauty of the Kakadu landscape. 

Our Outback Retreats feature their own luxurious shared bathroom and amenities block, which include laundry facilities and a small kitchenette, ensuring a delightful and convenient stay for our guests. If you need extra beds to sleep the little ones, you can book an Outback Retreat Plus, which includes bunkbeds separated by a dividing wall.

Connect to Culture

Showcasing a blend of Australian-designed and handcrafted elements, each of the Outback Retreats exhibit a collection of Indigenous weavings and artworks produced by local Bininj (Aboriginal) artists. You can find artworks like these for sale at the neighbouring Warradjan Cultural Centre.

These artworks share personal stories about the local Bininj community, their culture and their Dreamtime. They are part of the oldest living culture in the world, having coexisted harmoniously with these lands for over 65,000 years. 

See & Do from Outback Retreats