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Dense in beauty and vast in size, Kakadu is the single largest national park in Australia. With the wet season upon us or Kudjewk in the local indigenous language, Kakadu is in one of the most spectacular seasons and is a bucket list destination for the end of year/new year holiday. So what can you expect from a Kakadu wet season experience? Simply put, something distinct in nature that cannot be replicated at any other time of the year. Imagine overflowing waterfalls that are cool as they are rapid, lush, and vibrant vegetation and the sound of unfiltered mother nature. Throw in the potential to explore freely with minimal disruption of other visitors and reduced rates across accommodation/touring, and what you’ve got is a holiday experience that will live long in the memory.

All of that aside, we haven't even mentioned the increased number of animals that are out grazing the fresh and abundant landscape. The increased rainfall and humidity during the wet season provide the perfect environment for wildlife to acquire food and mate meaning you’ll be more likely to encounter them than in the dry season.

Tropical storms are a spectacular sight you will have the pleasure of viewing and is definitely an experience that needs to be seen to be truly appreciated. And if this doesn’t satisfy your appetite for mind-blowing scenery, take a scenic flight over Jim Jim and Twin Falls to witness this stunning and unique landscape from an aerial perspective. Some tour operators even have permits that will allow you to access areas of the park with rock art and lookouts over soaked floodplains, the best part is there won’t be anyone in sight! Kakadu is a UNESCO world heritage listed site for being home to one of the longest living cultures in the world. The potential to visit ancient art sites like Nanguluwur that showcases art that is over 20000 years old is an opportunity not to be missed for a unique Australian cultural experience.

Being able to explore and absorb the beauty of the park without many tourists will provide true enjoyment that cannot be overstated enough. Given that Kudjewk can throw up periods of rain to disrupt exploration and adventure, it’s important to come prepared. Make sure you visit the Parks Australia website for information on visitor closures or reach out to us at Kakadu Tourism for the latest park updates. Rain is the best part of the Wet Season as it brings life to the park and a significant volume of water to make the waterfalls thunder. It also brings a moment to cool down and relax during your adventure.

If getting wet and wild isn’t your thing, perhaps a walk to Nawurlandja lookout to watch a majestic Kakadu sunset over the Arnhem Land Plateau will tickle your sightseeing fancies.

To further compliment the number of options you’ve got to see Kakadu National Park, there is the captivating Yellow Water boat cruise to treat your eyes to. This iconic cruise will allow you to explore the South Alligator River and Yellow Water Billabong from the comfort of a small boat. Doing this cruise during Kudjewk season will provide the opportunity to look out over the floodplains in all their glory and further take in the lush and green vegetation. Keep your eyes peeled for birds such as kingfishers and bee-eaters they’ll likely be frolicking around in plain sight. Although potentially limited by the closure of specific walks due to intermittent flooding, there is still the potential for the adventurous tourist to do the 12km Barkk hike, the motor car falls walk, and the 11km Kurrundie walk. Kakadu National Park during the wet season will provide a unique holidaying experience with great financial and personal value that you wouldn’t be able to achieve during a normal dry season. For details on potential accommodation follow the links around the website.

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