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The World Awaits Podcast: Travel Tales to Inspire your Wanderlust

Kirstie Bedford and Belinda Jackson

Listen to Episode 17 of 'The World Awaits' where Bininj man Ben Tyler talks to Belle about growing up in what's now Kakadu National Park, in the Northern Territory.

Dining under the stars on bush tucker is a quintessential Australian experience. Bininj man and Kakadu Kitchen founder Ben Tyler talks about the Dird Full Moon Feasts and growing up in Kakadu National Park. Nutritionist Sheryl Takayama shares how to keep your stomach healthy while you’re travelling. Also, do you need travel insurance, and fresh movies that take you across the world, with film reviewer, Alaisdair Leith.

The creator of the Dird Full Moon Feasts at Cooinda Lodge, Ben talks about foraging for bush tucker, speaking language and the power of Country. To find out more about the Dird dinners and travelling in Kakadu, visit To learn more about the Bininj Kunwok language of West Arnhem Land, visit

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