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Yellow Water Cruises

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Yellow Water Cruises, past winner of the Qantas Australian Tourism Award for Major Tour and/or Transport Operators, has exclusive use of Yellow Water Billabong. It operates year round and provides up to six cruises a day of 90 or 120 minute duration. The sunrise and sunset cruise are very popular and advance bookings are recommended. Many people undertake more than one cruise during their stay to see the changes in the wildlife at different times of the day.

The cruises offer a year-round spectacle, with the different seasons providing a rich and ever-changing vista.

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About one third of Australia's bird species are represented in Kakadu National Park, with at least 60 species found in the wetlands. Whistling Ducks and Magpie Geese are the most abundant. Eagles can be seen hovering searching for prey, and at times you will see distinctive Jabirus and may even get to see Brolgas dancing. For more information on wildlife and nature in Kakadu click here.

There are plenty of crocodiles in their natural habitat, and buffalo on the floodplains.