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Kakadu National Park located just 3-hours drive from Darwin is a breathtaking 20,000 square kilometre UNESCO World Heritage-listed site. It’s abundant with breathtaking landscapes, active wildlife, and Indigenous Australian history, all of which have made it one of the favourite attractions of those visiting the beautiful Northern Territory. While most popular during the dry season (May-Oct), the locals all know that the best time to visit is the green season; also known as tropical Summer or the wet season.

From November through to April, the park comes to life with abundant greenery, dramatic waterfalls, and electrifying afternoon storms. While some roads and attractions throughout the park are closed due to swollen rivers and heavy downpour, there is still plenty for visitors to explore and experience. Here are our top 5 reasons why the green season in Kakadu is a must do.

Lush Landscapes
During this season the entire park explodes into a vivid green landscape with lush foliage that seems to grow inches overnight. In fact the native Speargrass can grow over 2 metres tall during the season! Take a tour to learn about the native plants that flourish throughout the park, and truly appreciate the contrast between the rich red soil and the vibrant greens. Wet season is also the perfect time to experience a cruise to learn how the local the Bininj people use the Kakadu flora and fauna in their daily life.

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Dramatic Waterfalls
With swollen rivers it’s no surprise that the awe-inspiring waterfalls are at their dramatic best. Their thunderous power will have you feeling completely amazed by Mother Nature and something you can’t truly experience during the dry season. While access can be a little more difficult (and you won’t be able to swim) it is the perfect time to take in these waterfalls by birds eye. Book in for a scenic flight so you can truly experience these full-flowing waterfalls. It’s an experience that will stay with you long after your holiday.

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Breeding Wildlife
For those keen to spot some Australian wildlife, you’ve come to the right spot. Kakadu is home to 120 species of reptiles, 280 different types of birds, and 25 species of frogs. With the rainfall and blooming landscape, wildlife starts to breed and the waterbirds start to spread out across the wet landscape. If you’re a keen fishermen make sure to plan your trip towards the end of the green season (mid-March to end of April). This is when receding water causes fish to gather in certain areas making it the perfect time to head out on a fishing tour.

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Have the park to yourself
Because this season is technically the tourist low season, you’ll get to experience the vibrant blooming park without the hustle & bustle of the crowds. This means you can take your time to explore and you can truly appreciate the calming sounds of the chirping birds and abundant wildlife. It also means that you may have the chance to have some one on one time with the local guides – make sure to take this opportunity to ask them about the local history and their favourite parts of Kakadu!

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You’ll be able to find some great deals and packages
During the dry season hotels can be booked out months in advance as both international and domestic visitors flock to the region. This means during the wet season you can normally find accommodation a little easier, and probably a little cheaper too! You’ll also find special wet season packages and tours available at low season rates. Use this saving to extend your stay for a little longer – we promise you won’t run out of things to see and do!

Bonus Reason – The Afternoon Storm
We couldn’t tell you our favourite things about Kakadu in the green season without including the awe-inspiring tropical Summer afternoon storm. While most people would be disappointed for a storm to come and impede on their holiday, we promise there is nothing quite like watching the churning purple and green clouds come rolling in. Sit back and watch as the red dirt glows against the stormy sky, before the heavens open up and the temperature and humidity drops. The electrifying storms come with monsoonal downpour, and are quickly followed by a chorus of happy frogs. Some visitors describe it as if the ‘tensions of the day are suddenly broken by Mother Nature’. We promise you won’t experience a storm like this anywhere else.

If you’re planning your visit to Kakadu be sure to book during the Green Season, you’ll be rewarded with lush green panoramas, flourishing wildlife, overflowing waterfalls, and dramatic afternoon storms. You’ll also get to experience Kakadu in all its beauty without the bustling crowds of tourists, and you might even save on your budget. The Green Season is when Kakadu truly comes to life.

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