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Kakadu Rock Art Guided Tours

James Morgan is a local Bininj (Aboriginal) man with family connections to Kakadu and is the owner of Yibekka - Kakadu Rock Art Tours. He is passionate about protecting sacred sites within Kakadu National Park creating more economic opportunities for his family and other local Bininj. Having worked in Kakadu's Cultural Heritage and managing Kakadu's Ranger Guided Program, James provides expert and first-hand accounts of Kakadu's rock art.
Learn and understand the rich cultural importance of the world's most impressive rock art site. Listen to the family stories that exist within the shelters of Kakadu's escarpment. Feel a sense of the ancient connection that local Bininj (Aboriginal) people have had with this land for more than 65,000 years. Experience all this with a local Bininj guide!

Cost per person: $47 per person

Dates: & Times 8:30am to 10:00am - 6 Days a week (Tuesday to Sunday)
Group size min and max numbers: 35 people
Where: Tours start at Burrungkuy Carpark which is accessible by 2WD and is 40 minutes drive from Jabiru or Cooinda (Pick-ups are not available)

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