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While staying in Kakadu one of the ‘must do’ activities is a fishing trip. Aside from the famous barramundi many other species of fish exist within the park that can be caught. The alligator rivers are a popular fishing hotspot with both Barramundi and Saratoga to be caught in the wet season, while in the dry Jewfish and Snapper are the fish of the day. Not only do you get to fish however, out in these hotspots your surrounded by the ancient Kakadu and Arhnem landscapes so you can enjoy the local wildlife during your trip. There are many fishing holes to go to in Kakadu from the great river systems to the smaller and more secluded billabongs;

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Kakadu traditional owners request that when fishing to utilise sustainable fishing practices. Although there are the same fish-bag limits in Kakadu as in the Mary or Daly Rivers to use sustainable practice to ensure plentiful fishstock for the Bininj/ Mungguy people and non-indigenous visitors for years to come. Finally please fish only in the areas set aside for locals and travellers to protect the traditional hunting grounds of Kakadu’s indigenous people.

Remember when fishing or boating to be crocwise. All Kakadu’s waterways are home to saltwater crocodiles so please take extreme caution when fishing. Stand at least 5m from the bank and DO NOT ENTER the water under any circumstance.

With the regulations changing it is advised that prior to going out fishing to download the reference booklet the Northern Territory Limits Reference

Hiking Trails

At nearly 20,000 sq. km in size there’s a lot to see in Kakadu. While 4WD is one of the best ways to get around don’t forget about all the hiking opportunities. These trails range from easy – difficult with some featuring ancient indigenous rock artwork or spectacular views along the way. Don’t miss this unforgettable scenery as you experience the wonders of Kakadu first hand and feel like a true explorer! From the wetlands to the high lookouts on the escarpments hiking in Kakadu is sure to be rewarding if you’re a novice or a seasoned hiker.


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