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Thursday, 09 February 2017 11:00

The best things to do in Kakadu with kids

If you’re thinking about taking the family to Kakadu, read Renee Young’s post on her website Together We Roam and you’ll not only be convinced about the destination, you’ll get access to some great tips for family-friendly travel:

Postcards and brochures will have you imagining Kakadu to be an instant oasis of billabongs, rugged cliffs, gorges, cascading waterfalls and serene waterholes.

What is not widely known is that Kakadu National Park is remote and vast, there is allot of ground to cover (19,804 square meters) mostly made up of “Savanna Woodlands” which are seemingly endless plains of gum trees and tall grasses. When you do eventually reach each major attraction what you see will not disappoint.

There are also high expectations that Kakadu offers masses of Australian wildlife at every turn. Kakadu is not like an African wildlife park, where you will find a large concentration of diverse wildlife easy to eyeball. Although, less impressive than spotting a herd of elephants on safari, the wildlife you do find is more camera shy but uniquely Australian.

With the right expectations, Kakadu with kids is simply magical and there’s nothing quite like it in this world. Experience a raw Australian landscape and discover perfect waterholes (some even croc free) carved out of windswept rocks, impressive gorges, waterways, floodplains, and beautiful galleries of Aboriginal rock art.

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