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Magical Maguk

Its coming into that wonderful time of the season when major attractions are opening!

When I heard the news Maguk was open, we decided it was a weekend must! Leaving Gagudju Lodge Cooinda, the drive took us about 45 minutes to the turnoff and a further 15 minutes after the turnoff, which we found the road to be rough at some points, but made our trip more adventurous! Who doesn’t enjoy a little 4 Wheel Driving?!

From the carpark, there was a 2km walk to the base of the plunge pool, some of the walk was over rocks and creeks, so keep your eyes open! When we reached the base of the plunge pool, we had a picnic lunch, relaxed and had a refreshing swim.

The decision was made to walk to the top! I was surprised, I thought the walk would have been really difficult, but we took our time and enjoyed the views. When we reached the top there was lots of water running off the falls, and we found more swimming holes, waterfalls and caves to explore. Don’t forget your camera!

Maguk should definitely be added to everyone’s bucket list! It was a highlight of our trip to Kakadu!