In Murumburr Country, you'll find Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre

Warradjan encapsulates the history of Aboriginal culture in Kakadu, with an interactive museum, art exhibit and meeting place to sit on country and weave with Bininj artists and Murumburr Traditional Owners. Warradjan's exhibit is curated by and central to the local Bininj/Mungguy (Aboriginal) community, and it tells the stories of of their land, people and Dreamtime.

Warradjan is the Kundjeyhmi word for Pig-Nosed Turtle, an inhabitant of the nearby Ngurrungurrudjba (Yellow Water Billabong) and native species found within Kakadu National Park. This is significant not only for its name, but also for the salient shape of the building, which reflects circular gatherings and way of communication for Bininj/Mungguy people.

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Warradjan is here to support the local weavers, painters and sculptors, to keep these traditions alive. By supporting our cultural centre, you will directly support people from our local communities.

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