A thrilling Crocodile performance and seasonal phenomenon 

On the western bank of the East Alligator River, Cahills Crossing is both a bridge to the eastern Arnhem lands, as well as a viewing platform for observing the formidable crocs in their natural habitat. With three dedicated viewing platforms and a scenic rainforest walk connecting a picnic area, visitors can witness the spectacle of crocodiles congregating during the dry season. This seasonal phenomenon, occurring from July to October, reaches its peak from September onwards, offering a rare glimpse of the world's largest reptiles in action. To make the most of this experience, check the tidal times prior. Keep in mind the cultural significance of saltwater crocodiles and adhere to the respectful guidelines outlined by Traditional Owners, maintaining a safe distance from the water's edge and observing these apex predators from the designated viewing platforms. 

Image credit: Parks Australia, Kakadu

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