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About Us

Welcome to Kakadu Tourism

The Spirit of Kakadu

Kakadu Tourism is an indigenous owned collection of Kakadu wetland cruises, 4WD Kakadu tours, cultural experiences and Kakadu accommodation. It is the largest collection of facilities catering to tourism in Kakadu and is focused on positive indigenous outcomes.

Kakadu has been home to Australia’s Indigenous people for some 50,000 years tending the land and creating a rich and diverse cultural heritage. The park is home to some of the oldest artworks on the planet. These rock artworks tell the story of the oldest living culture on the planet with galleries found across the parklands. These sheltered rock formations have protected these artworks for thousands of years opening a window into Australia’s distant past, and stories across the millennia.

Kakadu is perhaps known best for its wildlife as one of the largest nature reserves in the world and the largest in Australia. Kakadu is most famous for its crocodiles from their appearance in ‘Crocodile Dundee’ there are thousands of plant and animal species existing in the park. With wetlands teeming with fish perfect for fishing experiences to hundreds of bird species making it a bird watches paradise. Few reserves offer such an authentic and diverse natural heritage.

At the heart of the Kakadu experience is the fully-Indigenous owned operations. These modern caretakers inherited the land from their forefathers and are now sharing their ancestral knowledge to provide an authentic base to those who want to explore in this ancient land.

This website is devoted to help you research your visit to Kakadu with our trip ideas including your travel to Kakadu from Darwin. Most people come to Kakadu to experience its waterfalls, wetlands and indigenous culture, with Kakadu Tourism you can experience it all. You can gain wonderful insights into 'the real Australia' from our blog and get an awe inspiring appreciation of the year-round beauty of Kakadu from our photography selection.