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Nourlangie Rock Art Site

Nourlangie Rock Art Site | Kakadu National Park

Nourlangie Rock Art Site

The walls of these rock shelters have served as both shelter and canvases for thousands of years, providing windows to a rich spiritual tradition.

Paintings such as Namarrgon (lightening man) explore the relationship of the people to their country and belief; they illustrate the important stories, food sources, wars and mythological figures. The paintings at the base can be reached by a 1.5 km circular walk. Accessible for most of the year, during the 'dry' season (April until October) park rangers provide informative talks about Aboriginal art and culture, inviting visitors to join them and share their knowledge of this ancient gallery.

There is a lookout that is well worth the climb for sweeping views of the escarpment. For the more adventurous, there is also a moderately steep climb to Gunwarddehwardde lookout which provides impressive views of both Kakadu's escarpment and Nourlangie Rock.