School Groups & Tours

Cave paintings, archaeological sites and rock carvings are a recording of the way of life for the region's inhabitants that date back further than the Egyptian pyramids. They show the prehistoric times of the Aboriginal people still living traditionally within the park.

Kakadu is a dual listed UNESO World Heritage site and the biggest National Park within Australia. It is habitat to a diverse and complex ecosystem, rare endemic species of plants (over 2000 plant species and wildlife) and animals, within the floodplains, lowlands, tidal flats and plateaux. The park has had little impact of European settlement unlike most of Australia so it's natural vegetation and landscape has been left unmodified.

Kakadu Tourism is an indigenous owned collection of Kakadu wetland cruises, 4WD Kakadu tours, cultural experiences and Kakadu accommodation. It is the largest collection of facilities catering to tourism in Kakadu and is focused on positive indigenous outcomes. From camping to glamping to self-contained lodge rooms and even a 110 room hotel shaped like a Crocodile, we have it all. We welcome educational groups of all sizes.

Our Yellow Water Billabong Cruises offer a year-round spectacle, with the different seasons providing a rich and ever-changing vista. Let our guides take you away to another way of life.

The Warradjan Cultural Centre was developed by the Aboriginal traditional owners of Kakadu and is located just near Cooinda Lodge Kakadu and should be a ‘must see’ for all visitors to the region. The displays include artefacts that illustrate the stories that the traditional owners wish to share with visitors. Enjoy basket weaving with the traditional owners of the nearby village.

Different Options available for school groups, please see example below:

Two plus hours Warradjan Cultural Centre Experience
30 minute self-guided tour through the cultural museum
Depending on group size and artist availability a range of cultural activities lead by traditional owners such as:
Damper making
Weaving – make your own Pandanus bangle
Painting – take home your own work of art

See the less accessible parts of Kakadu with 4WD Adventure Tours. Take an exclusive off-road adventure to visit the waterfalls, swimming holes and escarpments of Kakadu. Perfect for groups and tailored trips available for minimum numbers.

NT Funding Support for Interstate School Groups Available. Contact us direct for more information >> [email protected]