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Pre-Monsoon Season, Rains Bring Renewal

Gunumeleng, from mid-October to late December, can vary enormously from year to year. The season can last from a few weeks to several months and is usually associated with a build up of humidity as the monsoon arrives, though this can sometimes arrive as early as November or as late as Christmas. Thunderstorms build in the afternoons and scattered showers bring a tinge of green to the dry land. As the streams begin to run, the water washes out the floodplains in preparation for the new breeding season. Waterbirds spread out as surface water and new growth become more widespread. Barramundi move from the waterholes downstream to the estuaries to breed. This was when Bininj/Mungguy moved camp from the floodplains to the stone country, to shelter from the storms that usually came with the arrival of the wet season. It is a fascinating period to visit Kakadu because the region is experiencing such dramatic change.