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Out here in Kakadu, the mob has lived and breathed sustainability since the beginning of time. With a philosophy that entwines humans with its environment - “I am you, you are me”, one cannot live without each other.

Tuesday, 23 August 2022 16:46

Kakadu Dird (Moon) Feast

Treat yourself to a spectacular locally foraged Dird Full Moon Feast with local Murumburr family right in the heart of Kakadu National Park.  This will be a night to remember!  

Kakadu is Australia’s largest national park—and this is saying something. The park spans some 20,000 square kilometres which, to put it into context, is about the size of the nation of Slovenia. Something that makes the park special is that over half of it is made up of Aboriginal land.

Are you one of the 200,000 people planning to venture through Kakadu National Park this year?

It's not a surprise you're planning an adventure to Australia's largest national park. The 20,000km² of land is home to breath-taking natural wonders and unique rock formations.

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