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There is No Place Like Kakadu for…Getting Back to Nature

Kakadu is Australia’s largest national park—and this is saying something. The park spans some 20,000 square kilometres which, to put it into context, is about the size of the nation of Slovenia. Something that makes the park special is that over half of it is made up of Aboriginal land.

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There’s No Place Like Kakadu for Iconic Australian Wildlife

Are you one of the 200,000 people planning to venture through Kakadu National Park this year?

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There’s No Place Like Kakadu for Hiking & Fishing Adventures

It's not a surprise you're planning an adventure to Australia's largest national park. The 20,000km² of land is home to breath-taking natural wonders and unique rock formations.

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There’s No Place Like Kakadu for…Escaping the Southern Chill

Did you know that Lithgow, New South Wales is one of the coldest cities in Australia, reaching an average of -3.2ºC during the winter?

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There’s No Place Like Kakadu…for Indigenous Culture

Did you know that Australia is one of the top ten safest countries for women and solo travellers? 

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Tropical Summer in Kakadu

Hot summer nights.  Colossal waterfalls. Rich wildlife. Magical sunsets. Epic lighting shows.  This is the tropical summer season in Kakadu.

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The Importance of Land Management and Sustainability to the Traditional Owners of Kakadu

Caring for Country is a way of life for Aboriginal people. Aboriginal people have inhabited  this land for generations, passing the knowledge of their forefathers to the next generation.  This comes naturally as it's been instilled in them from the beginning of time and continues to be passed down through each generation.

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Adventure Awaits at Kakadu

From towering escarpments, refreshing waterholes, vast floodplains, cruising crocodiles, busy birdlife, ancient rock art and stunning woodlands, adventure is but just a step away.

Get ready to be tempted with the adventure that awaits for you at Kakadu!

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Kakadu Tourism Adventure Tours Spirit of Kakadu tour

Get ready to take a step back in time and explore some of Kakadu’s ancient aboriginal rock art, visit spectacular waterfalls, water holes and learn about the oldest indigenous culture in the world.

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Local Foods Of Kakadu

For thousands of years the lands that make Kakadu and Arnhem have been used as the hunting and gathering grounds of the Indigenous people. The techniques of hunting and gathering these foods has also been passed down through the generations with the modern custodians teaching visitors not only the traditional way of eating off the land but exploring new opportunities to export these unique flavours around the world.

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Top Ten Things To Do In Kakadu in 2022

Why Kakadu should be at the top of your dream list in 2022!  

Read the 10 reasons why we think you'll have your heart set on Kakadu. Discover this ancient and wild land in 2022.  Kakadu, a slice of absolute paradise in outback Australia from spectacular waterfalls, wetlands, escarpment and woodlands there's plenty to explore.

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Growing up in Kakadu - by Carla Rawlinson

My name is Carla. I am 22 years old, my skin name is al-godjok and I am from one of the many clans in Kakadu.